1 Body Life was created originally as a health & wellness brand. Lanita Fannin, the founder had a vision to share health & wellness content with the intent to help others to live consciously healthier lives.  What began as a health & wellness brand, then became a focus on more overall conscious living. A lover of skincare products already, she began her own journey to understand more about the ingredients in the products she was using.  After studying under an award winning organic formulating teaching institution, she decided it was time to bring to life a natural, clean skincare line as an extension of the 1BL brand. A clean skincare line was a perfect complimentary match to the health and wellness brand and equally important for overall consciously healthier living.  


As a health conscious , health & wellness brand, we know the importance of how we take care of our body. We know the impact of the foods we put into our body on our physical health. But just like our physical health, the health of your skin is a combination of many elements. You can make a huge difference in the health of your skin by the choices you make in the skincare products you use. Our skincare line is an extension of the 1 Body Life belief - that plants are powerful tools. 


Nature creates & is full of powerful tools.  Tools that nourish us...tools that heal us.  There are beautiful, magical creations all around the Earth.  Some of which were used for health, skin & beauty treatments centuries ago.