1 Body Life uses the finest organic, effective & consciously sourced ingredients. Each product is made of plant-based ingredients, (nature identical when necessary for efficacy) and each formulation is highly concentrated with the focus on performance and maximum efficacy. 

 We focus on clean, conscious ingredients that aren't harsh on your skin and we don't add the things that are known to be harmful.

 Preservation is by far the most difficult when it comes to natural formulas that are water based or formulas that come into contact with water by the user. At this time our products with water do utilize a greener alternative synthetic preservative in the smallest amount in order to make sure the products are safe and free from bacteria which can be harmful to your skin. The preservative used in our water based products is on the Made Safe approved list which gives us confidence in knowing our products are preserved properly and also safe to use. We will continue to research and when we feel there is a more suitable natural preservative, we will make this change as well.