1BL Quick Start 21 Day Method
1BL Quick Start 21 Day Method
1BL Quick Start 21 Day Method
1BL Quick Start 21 Day Method
1BL Quick Start 21 Day Method

1BL Quick Start 21 Day Method

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THIS ITEM IS A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD - 1 PDF that you can save to any device and print to keep. 

With all of the countless diet methods out there, we know it's hard to know what to do.  But wouldn't it be great to know that there is an easier, sustainable way to get to your goals and live your best, healthiest life?  

Well, we believe that there is.  We created the 1 Body Life Quick Start 21 Day Method through a combination of research, knowledge, experience, expertise and determination to offer you a better and easier way to get to your goals. 
Wouldn't you agree that if you had the secrets to getting healthy, you would already be there?  Well guess what, there isn't a secret.  We all know what we are doing wrong but why then don't we just change it?  The answer is beyond your food and fitness and we want to walk you through all the things that you need to consider in your life that might be causing you to not reach your goals.  We want to provide you with a 21 Day Method that will guide you in taking daily action steps that once implemented into your life, you will see the changes you have been unable to get through diets and deprivation.  
You probably would admit that you could use some expert guidance.  So we want to offer you our Method and provide it to you in this simple 21 Day Format so you can immerse yourself and repeat as often as necessary to create habits that stick.  Our Method doesn't consist of some complex calculation or formula or something you will likely only be able to sustain for a month.  We built this Quick Start Method to provide you with a plan of action that you can implement immediately to start seeing results.  The 1BL Quick Start 21 Day Method is a part of the same Method that we would provide an individual coaching client over a period of coaching sessions, broken down into bite size pieces so you can digest it on your own and at your own pace.   
For far less than a cup of coffee a day for 21 days, you could be on your way to your best life. We don't believe in diets, deprivation, cutting out food groups, or calorie counting and scales. We believe in getting healthy to lose weight, and our core beliefs are built into our Method.  We believe there is a better way of life and a more effective, sustainable way to getting healthy and fit.  Health and Wellness is our Passion and so is impacting the health and lives of others.  That is the reason we built an easily digestible resource for you and filled it with effective easy to follow, repeatable steps to help you on your journey! We believe your best is yet to come! 
What you will learn from the 1 Body Life Quick Start 21 Day Method:
  • How to Prep your home, time & mind for your new healthy lifestyle - A transition week to set you up to succeed during & after the Quick Start. We start your journey with a Prep Week and we walk you through how to get your home, time and mind ready for your new healthy lifestyle.
  • The mindset shifts you must make in order to make progress and also to stop sabotaging the progress you make. Food isn't the only key to your success.  We cover some very critical mindset shifts including tools to ensure you stop sabotaging your goals.  
  • The most important science backed (non - food) changes you need to make in your life that you are likely overlooking! We share some of the most important scientifically based unhealthy habits that you must focus on in order to truly sustain any progress you make.  
  • 4 Health Changing Keys to implement that will make an immediate difference in your health and goals. We give you a framework around food so you don't have to focus on counting your calories, weighing your food or tracking your macros.  Finally, freedom!
  • How to understand the differences in the macronutrient groups & takeaway tips to help you plan a healthy plate. We teach you the most important basics about macronutrients including takeaway tips and a Macro Guide tool to ensure you nourish your body properly.  
  • The importance of  small changes & daily actionable steps to change your habits, behaviors & thoughts. We provide you with small, daily actionable steps to work through to reset your mind and to change your behaviors, thoughts and create healthier habits. 

The Resources & Tools you will receive with the  1BL Quick Start 21 Day Method:

  • THE 1 BODY LIFE QUICK START 21 DAY CALENDAR - A daily breakdown of our Quick Start actionable steps to change your behaviors, thoughts and habits
  • ​THE 1 BODY LIFE VISION BOARD - to help assist you in envisioning your goals and your why's
  • ​THE 1 BODY LIFE MEAL PREP / BATCH COOKING GUIDE - to help you prep for your week to save time and money
  • ​THE 1 BODY LIFE MEAL PLAN TEMPLATE - to assist you with planning your daily meals to ensure you nourish your body properly
  • ​OUR TRIGGERS & CONTROLS TOOL - to assist you with breaking down your emotional triggers
  • ​OUR HQ TO GO TOOL - to take with you to assist with hunger controls
  • ​OUR QUICK START MACRO GUIDE - to assist you to properly plan your plate.